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Welcome to our site! Longing for a hellish new tattoo on your body? Dying to replace that old tattoo of yours with a lively one? or simply want to add another for a glam look? The tattoo is a symbol of your passion, attitude and ideas; you customize your design, we visualize it on your skin! Geo Tattoos is an exclusive and one-stop resource for all your needs. we have an expertise in designing the most unique tattoos. we also do tattoo removal with utmost care and prudence.



Geo tattoos salon is owned by George who began his enterprise in 2002. Situated at the heart of the city, Anna Nagar Roundtana. It has been attracting more and more people since then which was possible because of his 16+ years of professional experience. His skills are not only limited to body art but also to body piercing.
We are absolutely meticulous and cautious in our practices. The customers can be at ease with our sterilized working area and our established practice of disinfection. Care is taken to ensure that new needles are used each time. We also advise our customers on the after-care do's and don'ts.


What is cross contamination?

It is well known that with blood, there is a risk of contamination. Cross contamination occurs when an artist touches an unsterilized object with his gloves (telephone, uncovered spray bottles, chopped items), during the work. We have an established practice of disinfection and sterilization that eliminates the risk of cross contamination. You are in safe hands! Would you like to try out a tattoo? Walk in with an appointment. We are awaiting your visit to serve you best.


Why Geo Tattoos

We have some unique approach for their customers. We understand our customer's interests and needs properly. We make a proper analysis of the type- whether symbol, image, photo, icons, or name, or any texts etc. Also, we find out whether our customers want the tattoos to be visible or hidden inside the dress.
We show you a set of designs available in the brochure to choose from. Or if you want a custom design, we can make that too. You can either sketch it in a paper or we can also sketch the design in your mind.

Our Unique Approach

Visible tattoos can be a hindrance for people to get government jobs, in some corporates where there is strict formal attire, and in colleges where there are rules. We take special care when it comes to female customers. If women ask for visible tattoos, we check if their parents or husband knew about it. If they say yes, we explain the advantages and disadvantages. We mostly suggest for hidden tattoos, considering the woman’s future happenings like marriages, jobs, etc.

When a customer comes to us asking for a tattoo, these are the Steps we follow:

  • Step 1: Verify their medical condition.
  • Step 2: Verify if their age is 18+
  • Step 3: If yes, then ask about their profession. If they are related to a profession where it is necessary to present themselves formally, then we recommend only hidden tattoos.
  • Step 4: If they are college students, we verify if their parents knew about it.
  • Step 5: If everything is fine, we explain them both the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo. Also, tell them how long it’ll take to remove the tattoos if they don’t want it in the future.
  • Step 6: If they are fine with it, we start by testing their skin with small tattoos and check for allergies. If the test is positive, only then we go for bigger ones.

Meet our humble founder and the best Tattoo artist- George


George is the founder of Geo Tattoos. He is very passionate about tattoos. A creative person with a sense of humour. Very friendly with customers and gives them ease. He has more than 16 years experiene and has created a milestone in the Chennai Tattoos industry. Also trained more than 30 artists and most of them have their own tattoo shops. He makes everyone grow along with him!

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